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School Management Software

Every School required a system that help to coordinate with teacher and student, Somoro school management system comprises of multi modules where you can maintain Student, parent, staff, classes, courses, timetable, Attendance discipline, Customised grade reports and record management from admission to account management in the education institution which gives multiple analytical reports to management, principal, teacher to administrator for most effective management of institution.

Somoro School Management Software is basically designed for getting real time data anytime anywhere. School management can access their school records anytime anywhere using their school URL or Domain and user credentials provided by school admin. Somoro School Management Software will help school admin for fastest communication between schools and parents, storing the records of Students/Parents/Staff Members, maintaining your stock, assets and complete accounting whether related to income or expenditure etc.

School admin will provide multiple user rights for the school staff as Accountant, Reception, Principal or Management Member. The accessibility can be assigned for any menu or sub menu or module. Multiple users can work for different module at a time while complete database will be stored centralized for getting real time information or reports.We have satisfied lot of clients with Somoro School Management Software in delhi and all over india. Somoro school management software is designed for all type of schools whether day Care Centers, play schools, primary schools, secondary schools, Sr. secondary schools or any type of coaching institutes. All the requirements are being taken care of their routine needs and business structure while this application is customizable for any module or menu. In this application, there are 5 major modules related to manage the School.

Communication – Send SMS/Email to Parents

Using this module, School admin can send SMS's or Email's on daily or routine or scheduled basis through registered Sender_ID. SMS's can also be sent through generating reports like pending fee alerts, stock availability, Student Attendance or salary collection etc.

Records – Maintain records for Students/Parents/Staff Members

With this module, school admin will maintain the records for Students, Parents, Staff members etc. This menu will help school admin to maintain the admissions/enquiries at school front desk. Management can have real time information regarding the admissions or enquiries.

Attendance – Evaluate and Increase Percentage of Attendance for Student/Staff

With this module, school admin will maintain all the records related to attendance of Students and Staff. This module will provide the complete attendance report for a given period of time which will calculate all the holidays, off-days and presents or absents etc.

Accounting – Evaluate you Income/Expenditure

This module will help the school admin for collecting Fee, Paying salaries, maintaining vendors' payments and all type of income or expenditures related to school. It will also help admin to get the real time value of assets and stock.

Stock – Manage all you stocks of Books/Bags/Dresses

School management can add all his stock related entries in this module. This menu will also help to generate immediate report of stock as how many books/dresses/bags have been issued or are in stock. It will also help to generate reports student wise for dresses/books/bags etc.

Asset – Get to know your real value of Assets

This menu is a complete asset management module. School admin can maintain the records for all their assets, discarded assets, current value of assets or requirement of assets etc. Besides all above, there are multiple salient features like session wise record maintenance, SMS sending settings, user rights settings, category wise SMS sending, alerts on special occasions, paper less admin management, Teacher/Student time table, real time report generations anytime anywhere, Sender_ID, Domain, Hosting and software compatibility with excel/word/pdf etc. for printing the fee slip/salary slip or any other report..